Borders courtyard -- Sunday April 4, 1999 -- 1:30am

A fountain attracts life. But tensions can
arise among those attracted by its power.

Funny enough, the fountain also can resolve those

It's both a quiet space, and a bubbly space.
A gentle elderly man stopped by the fountain
when his two grandkids pulled him over. He
hardly minded. He sat with them and watched
the waters play. In the peace of the courtyard
and the solvency of the waters sounds,
he could relax. But the children could play.
They toyed with the water, the ledge, and
the idea of leaping into the fountain. They
chased a pigeon, who was just looking for crumbs,
around and around the fountain. Adults walking
through -- had various reactions. Some were not
tolerant of the children. Some wanted peace,
and found it, even though there was noise and play.
Perhaps because of it.

The tension between the placid and the fun,
was resolved everywhere differently.

An older boy was walking by the fountain with his
mother and granddad. The adults wanted to stop at the
fountain. This irritated the boy. His granddad grabbed
his arm and said "stay". The boy rebelled, and pulled
away roughly. But his granddad just smiled, somehow
strengthened and relaxed by the waters and the silly nature
of the dispute. The mother shook her head, as if she'd never
quite come to grips with the child she'd birthed.
They wandered on, problems resolved for the moment.